Tamas Moroz MRZ Design working


Hi!  My name is Tamás Moroz , welcome to my site.

Creating those custom graphic design solutions that should meet my clients’ needs, that’s my main goal! In this respect I fully agree that, besides creativity, having strong communication skills is crucial for coming up with these effective solutions.

My goal is to always deliver high quality graphic design work that should exceed my clients’ expectations and that should live up to my own high standards, as well. I’m also eager to step outside my “comfort zone”, I love getting challenged, for I strongly believe that it’s the constant challenges that we respond to that help us constantly improve ourselves in this field. Still, why me over all the skilled graphic designers and illustrators ?

I’m a fine arts graduate with a master’s degree in graphic design -I have 10+ years of experience as a graphic designer, specialising in brand identity design, logo design and illustration. -I’ve developed solid skills in using almost all Adobe software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premier, Audition) -I have some experience in web design ( CSS 3 and HTML 5 ) 

I’ve designed polished, professional visual brands for several clients -I’ve contributed to the creation of several mobile games’ graphics, games which eventually got listed among the best rated ones on Google Play -I’ve created the brand identity for numerous companies

The size of your project doesn’t really matter, it could be as simple as designing a business card or as challenging as creating a full brand identity. I’ll be equally professional regardless of its complexity.

So far I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients from different parts of the world (at present I’m collaborating with Freepik.com and Udemy.com ) on some amazing projects, for which I’m grateful.

I honestly consider myself a really lucky person because I get to make a living doing something I ♥