Pearl Beauty

From body shaping, sculpting to
laser hair removal or the latest beauty treatments,
this professional salon satisfies its clients with
modern technologies and deluxe cosmetics.

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Folly Fire

With a luxurious, buildable formula, the brand promises
that its products help transform your lips into a pout-perfect
art ready to slay any occasion.

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Idea Studios

IdeaStudios is a digital adventure creator,
based in Cluj. With more than 10 years of experience
and over 4000 games created.

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The Fruit Job

The Fruit Job is not just about smoothies, juices, fruits or acai bowls.
The Fruit Job is about a young, healthy, urban lifestyle.

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Conarh is high end architecture and design company,
having an impressive portfolio of construction and
architectural designs, from office buildings, residential complexes
to sophisticated homes.

Logo Design | Graphic Design


Archicraft is responsible for creating distinguished products
with unique characteristics, for corporations with office spaces,
clients who allocate money for premium personal/residential homes,
real estate developers, B2B, B2C.

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Teacup Marketing

Teacup Marketing is a customer acquisition company
that focuses on getting customers to your doorstep
in a cost and time-effective manner.

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Revmix is simple to understand, yet
unimaginably powerful to use, they help
people make money out of their social media
posts, all they needed was a new identity.

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