Date: February 2018 
Client: Marius Martocsan

Founded in 2017, in Satu Mare, Pearl Beauty Center is one of the top high-end beauty salons in Romania, being recommended by famous beauty magazines. From body shaping, sculpting to laser hair removal or the latest beauty treatments, the professional salon satisfies its clients with modern technologies and deluxe cosmetics, internationally certified and awarded.


The name of the brand comes from one of the founders’ names, while also suggesting how the clients look and feel after an extravagant beauty treatment at the salon: shining like a pearl. Considering that this is such a personal project for the founders, we wanted to express this in the visual identity and we started the design from several cursive handwritten logos, able to speak for the brand and tell a story.

Known for their calming effect, pearls are also symbolizing the purity, generosity, and integrity and we wanted to amplify all these meanings in the visual identity of the brand.

Poster designs for different promotions.


Both the logotype and the color palette are elegant, feminine and polished – just like a pearl, just like the clients of the salon. We designed custom iconography as we were aiming to make the brand recognizable through the look and feel of the website and of any visual element of it. Furthermore, we wanted to create a visual language in order to express the features and the differentiators of the brand – from free, personalized advice for its clients, to the latest technology and highly qualified personnel.

Pearl Beauty Center aims to take the beauty concept to the next level while offering its clients a wide variety of services and products. With a specialized team, constantly trained and up-to-date with the latest trends in the field, this salon makes each and every client shine like a pearl.

Pages from the Pearl beauty magazine.

Pearl Beauty Magazin with more de 150 pages, created for new and existing clients, which offers promotions, tips, and recommendations to meet every client’s needs.


The new Pearl Beauty Center website offers information about all services provided by the salon, quick form for free consultation and booking, all in a clean, friendly and modern, user-friendly website.


Working with them in last couple of years and they did an amazing job each time! I simply love them, i can not imagine working with others. We did many big projects together for logos, branding, website design and more, each time i was more impressed by the final result!

Marius Florin Martocsan

Founder Pearl Beauty Center

Gyongyi Martocsan

Founder Pearl Beauty Center

We know that our job is done and successful when we see a wide smile on our clients’ faces. What made them happy, besides the design itself, was the high attention we pay to details, since this is what makes the difference when it comes to a successful brand. And keeping clients happy got us two more projects that we can’t wait to tell you more about!