By “brand” we can refer to the true identity of the company, as the brand also includes the company’s reputation. If we were to make a comparison between a man and a company, we might as well compare the brand with the DNA of a man. While the brand is the basic part of the human being, the logo is just the picture in the personal ID. Be it product branding or company branding, in Cluj or anywhere in Romania, our agency can handle the entire process so that you can focus on growing your business. For a product, it takes a shorter period of time to create the brand and it becomes relevant as soon as it is present on the market. The company branding requires a longer effort and a continuous focus on it so that, once we have brought the brand to a high level, to keep it there regardless of market developments and regardless of overnight competitors. As branding and graphic design specialists in Cluj, our focus is on delivering the best outcome: from the visual identity of your brand, to mission, vision, values and unique selling proposition, while always having in mind your business strategy and objectives.