These three words are our foundations on which
we built our company more then a decade ago , back in 2003.
Archicraft is responsible for creating a distinguished products with unique
characteristics , for corporations with office spaces, clients who allocate money for premium personal / residential homes, real estate developers, B2B, B2C.”

– Cristian Mihai / Founder

Date: May 2017
Client: Archicraft


Archicraft is a well known business in the architectural world.

With more then 15 years of experience , and numerous well known project under their belt , they were in need of a new identity , which can represent their values better. The main goal was to create something unique , modern but also keep some of the old logo’s aspects so it will be easier for existing and new clients to recognize Archicraft.

Developing a brand can be a long and stressful process.
We tried a number of directions and variations for the new look of the company ,
some of the concepts can be seen below.

Early explorations


The mark si a combination of the letter “a” and “c” from Archicraft.
Since we are a company which is focused around architecture,
where geometric forms are very common the mark fits into a rectangle , and has a 3D feel , which we achieved this be using subtile gradients , and keeping 90 and 45 degree angles.