Date: June 2017   Client: Teacup Marketing

Teacup Marketing is a customer acquisition company that focuses on getting customers to your doorstep in a cost and time-effective manner. They are not your average boring marketing company, these guys care about their customers, they want to keep discussions “human”, and they are young and funny, so the visual language should represent these key aspects.
Our job was to help develop the teacup marketing brand identity, their only request was to create something funny and unique, and if possible to incorporate a teacup pig.


We worked closely with the client to create the perfect looking little teacup pig, so there was a bit of back and forth, but in the end we both were really happy with the result.


Yes , the logo is important , and one of the key elements when it comes to identify a brand,
but beside the logo the rest of the visual language should be there to enforce the brand.
The color palette, typography, iconography is just as important as the logo.


Marketing can be a pain in the a**, teacup marketing is determined to help people, so by using their automation platform they make it a fun and easy process.
For each of the key features of the platform we created a funny little illustration .


We usually create a brand identity style guide, to help the client keep the consistency of the visuals on all platforms. In this case was no different,we provided a nice presentation of all the brand elements and supporting assets for the brand.