We can help you take your brand to the next level by using illustrations, be it vector or isometric. By using illustration, you can emphasise a brand’s promise, often with a nod to human experience such as humour, hope or irony. Illustrations have the ability to reinvent reality in a way that is still familiar but delightful, which is perfect when it comes to ideas or concepts that are complicated and hard to explain. Our designers in Cluj can provide you with a custom illustration system which is a great way of enriching your brand’s visual language that allows you to communicate more nuanced things than just by using your logo, color palette and words. By creating your brand’s illustration system, you will have the ability to unfold your brand’s story with consistency on multiple platforms, from web, to print, to social media. When creating proposals for our clients, we take into account several aspects so that the illustrations we create can serve the brand’s purpose. From icon or full frame illustrations, be it for a website, app or print, we always have in mind the identity of the brand in order to decide which are the ideal dimensions and proportions.