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Naming ( anything )

 Sounds so simple. At some point in our lives, we have named something. A pet, car, friend, loved one. Why should it be different with your business, brand, or product? Over the years, we have helped some of our clients with naming their business or product, and I can say it was never easy. As […]

How to give and receive feedback

So… You have worked on the project, you maybe have been sharing it with your colleagues, or just doing it alone if you are a freelancer. Now is the time to share it with the client. You are anxious about it, if he is going to like your work, or not. Are you going to feel […]

When being Selfiesh is about being true to yourself

Selfiesh is photographer’s brand that we have been working with while creating his visual brand identity. Youngsters, graduates are the main target audience of Selfiesh and the key differentiator relies on the authenticity of each and every person that becomes a client that becomes a model. That’s the main reason why every photoshoot is one-to-one, […]

Squeeze the awesomeness from (cosmetic) plants

Earlier this year we started working on a campaign for Cosmetic Plant, on one of its products ranges: body. The brand promises affordable high-quality products dedicated to everyone who wants to feel good in their skin. A beautiful, neat skin is never out of fashion and this is why Cosmetic Plant cares so much about […]

Isometric Illustrations for Ebriza

We have a long history with the founders of ebriza. All started back early 2016 when we did an explainer animation for them. The video was a detailed reveal of their product, the first cloud POS system in Romania. Since then they have come a long way and received funding from different investors, one of […]